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When you’re looking for a company to help improve the look and feel of your home, there’s no better choice than our home remodeling company. For over 10 years we have been providing premium service in all aspects from roof replacement services right on up through full remodeling projects that will give any house new life! No matter what type or size project is needed – be it small repairs like replacing leaky faucets; larger renovations such as adding an extension onto one side so it meets code

You want to be able enjoy your home and not worry about the maintenance. We have beautiful designs that are both functional as well, letting you spend time doing what’s important – hanging out with family or friends in this cozy space!

Homeowners in need of a remodel or new build should contact our home remodeling. With our most competitive prices, we can help you fix all your problems with one call! From flooring to painting and bathrooms – there’s nothing this company doesn’t do when it comes interior design for homes that are perfectible by their owners’ families who deserve happiness at last and thanks also have some fun while doing so too

We’re proud to be one of the top home renovation companies in San Jose and we work with some really happy clients. Our remodeling portfolio continues expanding as more people see what a great job our team does!


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Serving San Jose and the Bay Area

One of the most exciting things about renovating your home is seeing it transform from an outdated, dreary place into one that will make anyone want to move in and never leave. At Edison Home Improvement we’ve helped hundreds do just this over our decade-long history helping homeowners realize their renovation dreams with new memories made possible by us! Let us help you too – whether small projects or complete remodeling jobs , no project is too big for our team–and all designed specifically around whatever schedule fits YOU best

We take pride in our ability to remodel homes and make them into dream houses. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen it all: from a simple kitchen renovation or new flooring installation for your home’s interior design needs; through full renovations like gutting-and-landscaping projects! Whether you want us overhaul every nook & cranny inside or just focus on some select areas (like painting), rest assured that everything will be taken care of by professionals with 5 star reviews who provide excellent customer service – guaranteed!

We are San Jose's and the Bay Area's Home Remodel Company

San Jose and Bay Area Home Remodeling

We offer a range of services to make sure your investment is returned with interest. Our goal? To get you that return on investment as quickly and efficiently as possible! Edison Home Improvement will get the job done fast, for a high-quality renovation that locks in your sale quickly. Call today to maximize return on investment. 

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With over a decade worth experience under our belts, we are confident that together with you and other professionals in home remodeling you can count on us to do the job done right.

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